History of Genesis Skin Rejuvenation

Genesis Skin Rejuvenation is a laser based treatment that is designed to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, creases, scars and other uneven skin tone and tissues on the face. This procedure is safe and non-invasive, and has recently become one of the most popular options for cosmetic facial surgery of this type.

Development of Genesis Skin Rejuvenation

Genesis Skin Rejuvenation developed out of a need amongst patients for a safe, easy and relatively comfortable procedure that was non-abrasive. Many laser based treatments are somewhat painful and stimulate growth by superheating different patches of skin. Genesis Skin Rejuvenation makes use of light energy instead, meaning that it provides very little discomfort and is non-abrasive.

Benefits of Genesis Skin Rejuvenation

In addition to being relatively painless and easy to perform, Genesis Skin Rejuvenation is moderately priced. Unfortunately, you will have to complete regular treatments in order to maintain the effects of the procedure.

If you feel that a Genesis Skin Rejuvenation procedure may be best to help you rid your face of lines, wrinkles, creases, scars and other blemishes, speak with a dermatologist in your area. This procedure is not found everywhere, but has become quite a bit more popular in the several years since it was first unveiled.

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