How to Prepare for Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Rejuvenation treatments may be of several types, including chemical peels or laser treatments, and can have a lot of benefits. Knowing how to prepare for a Skin Rejuvenation procedure will help you get the best possible results, without unwanted complications.

Consult Your Surgeon

Each Skin Rejuvenation procedure may have specific requirements, so you need to talk to your plastic surgeon to determine if there are contraindications before the procedure, and what products to use before the treatment. You may have to take some medication to prepare for the procedure and discontinue certain drugs that may interfere with the chemicals or lasers.

Typically, all Skin Rejuvenation treatments may interact with retinoid medication, so you should discontinue these (i.e., Retin, Renova).

Tanned skin can also interfere with the effects of chemicals or lasers used during Skin Rejuvenation procedures. Artificial tanning should also be avoided.

Let your surgeon know if you are under medication or if you have any medical conditions.

Prepare for Skin Rejuvenation

To prepare for a Skin Rejuvenation procedure you should start using the products recommended by your plastic surgeon (such as creams and facial cleansers).

Certain Skin Rejuvenation procedures may present the risk of infection, so the surgeon may prescribe some antibiotics; get these prior to the procedure and start administering the drugs as indicated by your surgeon.

Fill your prescriptions of pain medications for after the procedure, and make sure to get a higher protection factor sun block, as the skin will be more sensitive after a Skin Rejuvenation procedure.

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