How to Prepare for Aluma

Aluma is a skin tightening technique that uses laser beams that penetrate the skin and rejuvenate it from the inside out. A vacuum system is used to isolate the problem areas to be treated, so the procedure focuses on giving satisfactory results and requires practically no down time. It is good to know how to prepare for this procedure, so that you get the best possible results.

Preparing the Skin

After the initial meeting with the plastic surgeon, you will receive instructions on how to clean and take care of your skin, so that it is ready for the laser treatment. Your physician may also indicate a few creams to use.

You should stay away from the sun and tanning salons, as a tanned skin may interact with the laser beams, and you may experience side effects such as scars or skin discoloration or hyperpigmentation.

The skin in the treated areas must be thoroughly cleaned on the day of the procedure. Impurities or makeup may influence the results of the Aluma treatment.

Medications and Aluma

Ideally, you should stop taking glycolic acid based medications or retinoids 3 weeks prior to the procedure. These may affect the results of the laser treatment.

Get some pain medication, as you may experience minimal pain after the procedure. If your pain threshold is low, you should talk to your physician and ask some prescription pain medication.

After the procedure, you may notice that the skin is pink or red and it may also be swollen. To protect your skin from the sun, get some sunscreen (protection factor 30 or over).

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