Pregnancy and Triniti

Triniti is a combination cosmetic procedure that rejuvenates the face, giving you younger and fresher looking skin. This non-invasive procedure uses three different technologies to correct pigmentation issues and tighten and smooth the skin. Though Triniti is safe and effective for most skin types, it is not recommended for you if you are pregnant or nursing. Here are some of the issues associated with pregnancy and the Triniti Skin Series.

Hormones Inhibit the Synthesis of Collagen

During the Triniti procedure, doctors use electro-optical energy to reverse the signs of aging and stimulate collagen production. When you are pregnant, your hormone levels are elevated and your body produces a greater amount of estrogen. Estrogen actually breaks down collagen in order to prepare the body for child birth. If you have the treatment done when you're pregnant, it's possible that you won't see any positive results.

Skin Sensitivity

The hormonal changes you experience during pregnancy may cause extreme sensitivity of the skin. If you have the treatment done during your pregnancy, you could experience redness, swelling and other side effects.

Lack of Testing

There is not information about the safety of such cosmetic treatments for expectant mothers and their unborn children. If you want to pursue the treatment, consider doing so after your delivery to achieve the desire results and ensure the safety of you and your baby.

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