Alternative Uses of Accent XL

The Accent XL system is creating a lot of excitement around the country as people seek a painless, non-surgical way to treat wrinkles, reduce cellulite and firm sagging skin. However, with the realization that many patients are losing inches, flattening their stomachs and slimming their hips and thighs, many spas and cosmetic centers are promoting it as an alternative to liposuction.

Tightens and Tones Skin

When Alma Lasers introduced the Accent XL, the company touted its ability to tighten and tone skin in a non-invasive and virtually painless way. It proved to be a dramatic breakthrough in reducing wrinkles, smoothing the dimpled look of cellulite and tightening loose skin. Results could be seen immediately and patients across the country were singing its praises. The Accent XL procedure uses heat therapy on both the surface and deeper layers of skin, encouraging the skin's natural development of collagen, which gives skin its firm, elastic tone, while also breaking down cellulite, giving the skin a smoother look. While it smoothes the surface layer of skin, it increases circulation to the area being treated, drains retained fluids, and contracts connective tissue, which improves skin texture. The Accent XL procedure can be used on any area of the body to treat wrinkles, cellulite and the loose ?crepe-like? skin that can occur under the upper arms, on the inside of thighs and under the neck, as a result of aging or significant weight loss. It is also useful in toning loose skin under the stomach that results from pregnancy and weight loss surgeries.

Slims Targeted Areas

While the Accent XL method has proved its usefulness in reducing unsightly cellulite, many may question it as an alternative to liposuction or other weight-loss surgeries. However, it is the use of the UniForm Handpiece that accompanies the Accent XL device that can contribute to fat reduction and the loss of inches. The handpiece targets the fatty layer under the skin. Fat cells are broken down and absorbed, and the metabolism of the area is increased. The result is a smoother appearance and a reduction in size of the targeted area. You may not drop multiple dress sizes, but results of trimmer patients have been recorded. A Washington state clinic reported that one to three inches of girth can disappear after 3 to 6 treatments and that hips and thighs appear slimmer, the abdomen is flatter and bulges are reduced. Many patients have posted positive comments and results on numerous Internet forums.

The Accent XL is used on:

*the face and neck to decrease the jowls and double chin *the abdomen to flatten the area and also reduce "love handles" *the thighs, reducing "saddlebags" and circumference *the buttocks and hips to firm and lift the area *the upper arms The Accent XL is a popular alternative for both women and men who do not want the complications of surgery. It is non-invasive and requires no downtime, allowing you to resume your normal routine immediately following the treatment. If you are looking to slim and contour certain parts of your body, the Accent XL may be for you.
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