Cost and Financing of Refirme

The cost and financing of any cosmetic procedure, including Refirme, an innovative, non-invasive skin tightening procedure, is often problematic for those who wish to undergo these treatments. In most cases, insurance will not cover cosmetic options, since they are elective. In addition, cosmetic procedures can be quite costly, making it difficult to pay for a procedure you know will have long-term positive results for you.

Cost of Refirme Treatments

Refirme provides a tighter, firmer look to the skin and can reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, as well as easing the saggy look under the eyes or in the jowls and neck. Because it is non-invasive and does not involve surgery or anesthetic, it is considerably less expensive than more traditional cosmetic options such as a face lift.

The cost of Refirme varies depending upon how large your individual treatment area is, as well as where you live and what the average prices are there for Refirme or other similar treatments. For treatments of smaller areas, such as baggy skin under the eyes, Refirme can cost as little as a hundred dollars. For multiple treatments of the full face, several hundred to a thousand dollars is more commonly quoted.

Financing Refirme Treatments

For less expensive Refirme treatments, a credit card or other traditional means of payment will probably work well. For more extensive treatment requiring multiple appointments, financing is usually available through the doctor's office. Most cosmetic surgeons or other doctors who perform cosmetic procedures allow patients to make payments over time on expensive procedures, or can provide information for outside financing.

These financing options are similar to a standard bank loan, but might have other conditions attached, so be sure to read through any financing agreements carefully. And, before using other financing methods, always be sure to contact your insurance company to see if any part of the procedure might be covered by your individual policy.

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