How to Choose a ReFirme Specialist

ReFirme is a suite of cosmetic treatments that reduce wrinkles and tighten skin. These treatments are scheduled weeks apart and can be performed on a wide range of patients that have wrinkled and lax skin. If you have decided to benefit from a ReFirme treatment, you need to choose a specialist to perform the procedure.

Types of Professionals Who Provide ReFirme

Refirme can be performed by a plastic surgeon or a cosmetic laser specialist. It is essential that the specialist you choose is certified and has training and experience in performing the ReFirme procedure.


The research stage is essential when choosing the right ReFirme specialist. Find a few listings in local directories and on cosmetic treatment websites, but also ask around and consult with your colleagues and friends.

List a few specialists that appeal to you and have good references and experience in ReFirme. Talk to a few specialists and ask a few questions about their skills, training, experience and the ReFirme procedure. Ask for before and after ReFirme pictures, to see what type of results you can expect. You should also find out if there are any malpractice suits against any of the specialists on your list.

Visit Clinics

The last stage of choosing a ReFirme specialist is to visit the facilities where the procedure is performed. You have to make sure the facilities are clean and endowed with the required equipment for the procedure.

You don’t have to decide on the spot. Take your time and evaluate your choices and schedule an appointment with the ReFirme specialist of your choice.

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