Post-Aluma Lifestyle & Maintenance

Aluma is a non invasive treatment method that treats wrinkles and crow’s feet on the face and loose skin on the neck area. The technology is based on radio frequency that promotes collagen formation in wrinkle-causing loose skin, and in places where the skin is depressed due to aging.

The Aluma hand piece is placed on the required area, after applying a conductive lotion to treat the dermis. Radio frequency waves are sent to the affected area through the process of suction. The dermis treated by these waves promotes new collagen and leaves the skin firm and youthful.

It is important to follow lifestyle and maintenance tips offered by the health care professional after the treatment:

Avoid Exposure to Sun

Sun rays cause harmful effects on your skin, including wrinkles and loose skin problem. It is advisable avoiding going out in mid days. You can wear a hat and sunglasses when you need to go out in sun. You can also use high protection sunscreen.


One of the most important maintenance tips post Alumna treatment is to follow a healthy, balanced diet. A diet rich in vitamins and nutrients, like Vitamin B, C and E, can help to prevent wrinkles and other aging skin problems. These vitamins help to generate collagen and elastin that helps to reduce the formation of wrinkles in the face and sagging skin in neck areas. Drinking plenty of water can help to retain the moisture in the skin. It reduces the problem of dryness, which is the main factor that leads to wrinkles. 

Diets high in sugars, fats and carbohydrates can cause large pores in skin, leading to the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Excessive salt consumption can contribute to swelling that in turn can cause stress within the skin. This leads to the formation of wrinkles. Avoiding or minimizing salt can help you reduce wrinkles.


Post Aluma lifestyle and maintenance involves doing some regular exercises. Kick boxing, yoga and meditation are some of the effective techniques that can help to combat wrinkles. Sedentary lifestyle invites aging skin problems. Exercising helps reduce the risk of developing several health problems.


It is necessary to get enough sleep for a period of time after an Alumna treatment. Good sleep builds the immune system, rejuvenates tissues and provides a healthy glow to your skin.

Stress Management

Stress can cause wrinkles and fine lines in the face. Though Aluma treatment can remove wrinkles, it is not possible to prevent the wrinkles that would be formed in the future. It is therefore important to learn some stress relaxation techniques like meditation or breathing techniques that help you to stay away from stress.

In addition, it is necessary to avoid stretching facial muscles that leads to wrinkles, crow feet and laugh lines. You must cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin regularly, which helps reduce the chance of developing wrinkles.

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