Potential Side Effects of Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a common treatment used to address a number of age-related skin conditions. It involves the injection of minuscule amounts of various vitamins, collagen substitutes and other items into the surface of the skin in order to reduce wrinkles, help to lift sagging skin and address a number of other issues as well. Mesotherapy is easy to conduct and can be completed quite quickly in the dermatologist's office, although it regularly is separated into a variety of different stages for best results. As with any other cosmetic procedure used to enhance the facial features, there are several potential side effects that mesotherapy recipients are prone to experience in the minutes, hours and days following a treatment sessions. Read on for a few of these side effects.


The most common side effect of mesotherapy treatment programs is bruising. This typically happens at the site of the injection and may be anywhere from quite mild and hardly noticeable to very sever and painful. Most bruising lasts for more than a few days at a time. If your bruises continue to persist after one week, or if they appear to get worse over time, contact your dermatologist for additional assistance.


Another common side effect of a mesotherapy session is soreness. Again, this side effect typically happens at the site of the injection as well. It's not unusual to feel a bit of tenderness in the skin surrounding the injection site for up to 2 days after the procedure takes place. If you experience continued or developing soreness, however, consult with your dermatologist.


Less common than either of the two previously listed side effects is mild discoloration of the skin. This may appear to be quite severe, but in fact it is only temporary and will usually last no more than a few days. Still, the discoloration of the facial skin is enough for some patients to take time off of work or other functions.


Along with bruising comes some mild swelling of the face. This area may be tender to the touch, and it's best to treat it with a cold ice pack or another soothing compress periodically throughout the days immediately following the mesotherapy treatment.


Finally, the last side effect known to be associated with mesotherapy is itchiness. Itching sensations typically last for a few days at most and may be quite uncomfortable. If at all possible, avoid the temptation to sscratch the skin on your face for a few days after the treatment occurs, as this may prolong the healing process and cause further swelling or soreness.

All in all, the side effects associated with mesotherapy are quite mild. No known deaths have been caused as a result of this treatment program. If you have any concerns about these side effects, or if they appear to continue for more than a few days, schedule an appointment with your dermatologist for further advice.

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