Recovery after Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a non surgical slimming treatment that uses injections which are applied in the middle skin layer. The injections contain solutions that will burn fat and stimulate skin tightening. The recovery period after Mesotherapy will be very easy.

Recovery after Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a non invasive treatment that will only involve the injection of a few substances under the skin. The reactions may differ from one patient to the other. Typically, patients experience a burning sensation, redness and swelling after the application of Mesotherapy injections. Some patients may also experience bruising.

Allergies are rarely met, but the plastic surgeon will perform an allergy test 24 hours prior to the treatment.

Recovery Period Duration

The recovery period needed after Mesotherapy depends on each patient in part. Some patients may return to their daily activities within the same day of the treatment. Others may experience more severe swelling and may take 1 day off.

6 to 10 sessions of Mesotherapy are needed for optimal results and these will be scheduled 1 week apart.

How to Speed up Recovery

The swelling, redness and bruising may be minimized by applying cold compresses on the injection sites and the neighboring areas. The compresses may be soaked in chamomile tea. Ice packs may also be effective.

The patient may also be encouraged to avoid caffeine or other energy drinks and to have a high protein meal prior to the surgery, to reduce the side effects and have a faster recovery period.

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