Similar Treatments and Alternatives for LipoDissolve

Injected lipolysis, also known as LipoDissolve, is a non invasive cosmetic procedure that is used for slimming purposes. The treatment will also reduce cellulite and is administered through an injectible solution that contains natural enzymes. Besides Lipodissolve, there are other similar treatments that can be used for similar purposes.


Mesotherpy is very similar to LipoDissolve, as it uses injections to liquefy the fat. Both procedures are non invasive and are applied in several sessions. The Mesotherapy injections will be injected in the middle layer of the skin.

In the case of Mesotherapy, the injectible solution will contain amino acids, medications and natural components. LipoDissolve may cause fewer allergic reactions in more sensitive patients, as it contains only natural compounds which are normally found in the human body. Mesotherapy may cause more allergic reactions, as it also contains synthetic ingredients.

In addition to the slimming and the cellulite reducing effects, Mesotherapy will also tighten the skin. LipoDissolve will not have this effect. Both procedures require minimal recovery time.


Thermage is a non surgical slimming procedure which employs laser beams to liquefy the fat. After a few weeks, the fat will be naturally eliminated by the lymphatic system, just like in the case of LipoDissolve. Thermage will tighten the skin as well, which makes the procedure similar to Mesotherapy.

Vaser Liposelection

Vaser Liposelection is similar to Mesotherapy in method and may be used as an alternative treatment for LipoDissolve. An injection will be administered and the saline solution will soften the fat; ultrasounds will then be used to melt the adipose tissues. These will then be removed by a suctioning device known as cannula.

Vaser Liposelection differs from LipoDissolve in the way it eliminates the fat. Also, incisions are needed in the case of Vaser Liposelection, so this is a more invasive procedure. However, the incisions made are minuscule and there will be no scars after the procedure.

Zerona Laser Liposuction

Zerona Laser Liposuction is a procedure that resembles Thermage, as it also uses laser beams to liquefy the fat. Zerona is a non invasive procedure and will allow the liquefied fat to be eliminated by the lymphatic system. Zerona Laser Liposuction is typically administered in several sessions, depending on each patient in part.

Other Liposuction Treatments

Liposuction is always an alternative to a LipoDissolve treatment, but typically liposuction involves surgery. The liposuction techniques available may be assisted by ultrasounds, liquid or lasers. A plastic surgeon can recommend the best solution for each patient in part, choosing from Cool Lipo, ProLipo, Smart Lipo, Body Jet Liposuction or Slim Lipo.


The massage therapy is an inexpensive alternative to LipoDissolve. Massage has been proven effective to reduce fat and cellulite, but it must be applied in numerous sessions before there will be visible results.

There are special massage techniques that target fat and cellulite that may be used. These techniques may be painful, but bearable.

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