FDA Approval Status for VelaSmooth

VelaSmooth is an innovative cosmetic dermatology product that uses a combination of RF energy and infrared energy, along with physical tissue manipulation. This system is used in professional dermatology offices to promote smooth skin and for treating cellulite and some similar conditions.

FDA Approval for VelaSmooth

VelaSmooth was among the first systems of its kind to gain approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Media sources show that Syneron, the company producing VelaSmooth, was able to secure FDA approval in 2005 for the purposes of thinning out and smoothing body tissue. Later on, a product called VelaShape from the same company was also approved.

Though critics point out that the long term effects remain to be seen, FDA officials did use clinical trials as a basis for approving VelaSmooth, and some of the practitioners who use it refer to substantial improvements in some patients. FDA approval for the product has remained in place throughout several years of use on many patients who want to reduce cellulite and get smoother skin.

Possible Side Effects

Some possible side effects of VelaSmooth involve redness and discomfort in the treated area. Apart from these, major side effects have not been commonly reported. No cosmetic dermatology procedure is without some possible side effects, and patients should talk to doctors about what to expect with VelaSmooth.

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