Most Common Uses of VelaSmooth

Those considering VelaSmooth may want to know more about how this product is used in cosmetic dermatology. The innovative technology in VelaSmooth gives individuals more options for cosmetic procedures and treatments aimed at optimizing body contours.

What Is VelaSmooth?

VelaSmooth is a non-invasive treatment that works on the skin to make it smoother and to change the contours of the body. VelaSmooth uses RF and infrared energy, along with a vacuum component. As the energy seat up the skin and dermal area, it actually influences the metabolism of the skin cells, according to the maker of VelaSmooth, Syneron. Many patients have reported changes with VelaSmooth.

Common Uses of VelaSmooth

There is really only one common use of VelaSmooth. This product is used to reduce or eliminate cellulite. This is the use for which the product was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration several years ago.

Cellulite is caused by fat content in the tissue under the skin. It sometimes causes lumps, bumps, and gradual changes in the contour of the body in many different areas. VelaSmooth actively works on the cellulite at a cellular level and contributes to a smoother, leaner appearance for areas of the body.

1. Abdomen

Patients get VelaSmooth treatment for the abdomen to get rid of rigid cellulite and diminish fatty buildup such as the lower abdominal folds commonly called "love handles." Either of these conditions in the lower abdomen are commonly treated with VelaSmooth.

2. Upper Legs

VelaSmooth is used on the upper legs to diminish cellulite that collects there and to specifically shrink the circumference of the upper limb. Patients who have excess body fat frequently see a dramatic rise in circumference above the knee, and this is an area that VelaSmooth often treats (where doctors and patients can measure the results quite literally, with a measuring tape). Some patients have reported a marked decrease in circumference after several treatments.

3. Upper Arm

Lots of patients use VelaSmooth to treat the upper arm, to attempt to tighten the tissue and reduce hanging folds.

4. Neck

The neck can also develop fat deposits, and VelaSmooth can be used to treat this area, where the patient often aims to shrink folds or otherwise stimulate the tissue with the "elos" technology.

As a cellulite fighter, VelaSmooth is used all over the body. Patients can ask local dermatologists about other common uses for this treatment.

VelaSmooth does not often include side effects, and there is generally no recovery time needed for patients. VelaSmooth is not invasive, and the technology that uses does not tend to irritate the skin, although some exceptions may apply. Directly after the procedure, the skin may appear flushed from the heat, and may feel warm for a few hours, but there is generally no pain involved. VelaSmooth is a temporary treatment that, according to some specialists, should be part of an overall diet and fitness plan to minimize the recurrence of cellulite and fat deposits.

Although VelaSmooth is among the safest cosmetic dermatology procedures administered in the offices of qualified professionals, no treatment is entirely risk-free, and patients should consult with their doctors before signing onto a VelaSmooth treatment program. Learn more about VelaSmooth at the Syneron web site and see why so many are choosing this new option for treating fat deposits and slimming down without invasive surgical procedures.

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