Non-Invasive Alternatives to Acoustic Wave Therapy

Acoustic Wave Therapy is a new treatment method that treats cellulite, which is the change in skin texture that leads to a dimpled appearance. Though effective, it may cause some side effects like redness and bruising. There are other non invasive alternatives to this procedure that reduce cellulite.

Smooth Shapes

Smooth Shapes is a non invasive therapy approved by the Food and Drug Administration as an effective cellulite treatment to treat cellulite and to smooth and tighten the skin. It uses laser and light energy, along with a vacuum massage and roller system to increase the collagen production in your skin. It also increases circulation in the treatment area. The laser dissolves the lipids found in the subcutaneous fat cells. The massage and roller system help to enhance the procedure. Dissolving lipids allows the cells to shrink and thereby reduces bulges causing unsightly cellulite. The increased collagen production helps to repair the fragile structure of skin that increases the problem of uneven texture and dimples.

Smooth Shapes can be administered by a spa professional or a cosmetic physician. This non invasive alternative to Acoustic Wave Therapy does not cause any pain. It is effective, convenient and safe and doesn’t involve any serious risks or side effects.

Tri Active

Tri Active is another alternative to Acoustic Wave Therapy. It uses low energy laser and suction massage to treat cellulite and sagging skin conditions. Localized cooling is applied to the treatment area to reduce inflammation. It eliminates toxins and reduces the appearance of cellulite. The Tri Active device is approved by the FDA and this method can be performed by a spa professional or a cosmetic physician. Tri Active is a convenient procedure that does not require any recovery time. In rare cases, discomfort or swelling may occur. Applying ice packs and taking over the counter pain killing medications are enough to treat such problems.


Velashape is a device approved by the FDA to treat cellulite and is an effective non-invasive therapy. If you have dimpled skin or isolated packets of fat, you can go for this treatment option. The Velashape device lifts tissues with a vacuum and suction massage. It targets these tissues with the help of infrared energy. Bipolar radio frequencies are also used with infrared energy to reduce fat cell volume. In order to maintain results achieved through this method, it is recommended to follow a healthy lifestyle. Diet and regular exercises, along with the treatment every three months, are a must to reduce cellulite.


Velasmooth is a procedure that uses vacuum suction, rollers and heating through infrared and bipolar radio frequency energies. Massage from rollers increase oxygen availability and manipulate tissues for drainage of trapped fluids. It uses triglycerides to shrink the fat cells and minimize the fat volume. Up to ten sessions are required to treat cellulite under this method.

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