Recovery after VelaSmooth

Consumers who are considering VelaSmooth as a way to fight cellulite and smooth body areas may want to look at information about what this kind of procedure entails.

VelaSmooth Procedure

VelaSmooth is a noninvasive procedure that uses radio energy to treat the skin, stimulating fat cells for the intended purpose of reducing cellulite and smoothing lumps in the skin surface. The physician applies the VelaSmooth device to the patient’s intended treatment areas. the VelaSmooth machine uses gentle vacuum apparatus and RF and infrared energy, which the maker of the device, Syneron, calls “elos” technology. The company claims this combination of factors will provide a metabolic change under the skin and break up cellulite and fatty deposits.

Recovery with VelaSmooth

Because the VelaSmooth procedure does not involve harsh chemicals, injections or surgical procedures, there is generally no recovery time needed for this kind of treatment. Patients can resume normal activity directly after the procedure.

Side Effects

Side effects are extremely rare with VelaSmooth. There is generally no pain or discomfort during the procedure. Some patients have reported a red or flushed discoloration of the skin due to the heat that the VelaSmooth treatment applies to the skin area. The skin may also feel heated after the procedure. Both of these effects tend to diminish quickly.

Although reports from patients continue to be mixed, many like the relatively safe nature of VelaSmooth treatments. VelaSmooth is a temporary solution for altering cellulite deposits in the body. Doctors recommend a corresponding diet and exercise program in addition to a series of VelaSmooth treatments for effective reduction of cellulite.

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