The Top 5 Natural Alternatives to LATISSE

LATISSE is an FDA approved prescription drug used to get longer, fuller and darker eyelashes. The component bimatoprost used in this drug was originally an ingredient of a glaucoma medication. Bimatoprost had a side effect of increasing eyelash growth. The cosmetic firm Allergan lowered the percentage content of bimatoprost and is now selling it under the name LATISSE.

Prescription drugs like Latisse are not the only option to get thicker, fuller eyelashes.

The following are the top-5 natural alternatives to LATISSE:

1. LashFood

One of the most common LATISSE alternatives is LashFood which contains the required nutrients for eyelash growth. Lashfood looks like an eyeliner and has ingredients like the vitamin biotin, amino acid Agrinine, and a combination of flowers and herbs containing iris extract. Biotin and arginine have certain properties that promote and encourage hair growth.

2. LiLash

LiLash is another alternative to LATISSE that helps in strengthening your lashes, as they usually break frequently due to the application of false eyelash extensions. LiLash is easy to use and can be applied just like a liquid eyeliner. Your eyelashes will start to become thicker, and you will see the results in four to six weeks. Unlike LATISSE, no prescription is required, and it will not cause any kind of irritation to your eyes. You can even combine its usage with eyelash extensions for the best results.

3. RevitaLash

Another cosmetic item known as RevitaLash is a non-invasive alternative to LATISSE. It is basically an eyelash conditioner which can even be purchased without any prescription, as it does any not serve any specific medical problems. A single tube of RevitaLash lasts for around 6 months. Daily application results in longer, fuller and darker lashes. Also, it is free from side effects like redness and irritation if correctly applied.

RevitaLash is an over the counter product that was developed by an ophthalmologist whose wife was suffering from the problem of scarce eyelashes. She had lost her eyelashes due to her chemotherapy sessions. Her husband had made this product entirely to help her get back her lashes and boost her self-esteem. The medicine helped her over time, and today it is sold in the market for other women desiring similar results.

4. Eyelash Extensions

Another method to get longer and better lashes is to simply use eyelash extensions. Although they sometimes result in the breaking of lashes, they can always be combined with other methods to get better results.

5. Healthy Diet and Vitamin Supplements

A healthy diet can promote stronger, fuller eyelash growth, especially when key nutritional factors are considered. Vitamin A, B and E are known to be beneficial for the health and growth of all body hair, including eyelashes. Brewer's yeast and Vitamin C are also recommended to promote eyelash growth.

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