Similar Treatments and Alternatives for LATISSE

LATISSE is a prescription product that stimulates the growth of the eyelashes and is a popular solution among women and men that experience loss of eyelashes. However, this product may have serious side effects and potential complications that include eye irritation, iris discoloration, blurred vision and the hyperpigmentation of the eyelids. For this reason, it's helpful to get informed on similar treatments or alternatives.

LiLash Eyelash Growth Products

LiLash is an eyelash growth product that does not require a prescription. It is applied topically and will stimulate the growth and the thickening of the eyelashes. In comparison to LATISSE, LiLash has been reported to have fewer risks and side effects.

The results of LiLash should be visible within 3 weeks after starting the treatment and the lashes should grow starting with week 6 of the treatment. With LATISSE, the results will only be visible starting with week 8.


RevitaLash is similar to LiLash and is a topical solution that will stimulate the growth and the thickening of the eyelashes. RevitaLash also contains a mascara that will improve the appearance of the lashes. The mascara can be used until the results start to show.

Marini Lash

Marini Lash is suitable for patients that need longer and thicker eyelashes. Compared to LATISSE, the results will be visible sooner (i.e. 3 to 5 weeks after the beginning of the treatment).

This solution is similar to LATISSE in the way it is applied; it should only be applied on the upper eyelids.


Similar to RevitaLash, LiLash and Marini Lash, Ultracil is a product that has proven results in growing eyelashes. This product also makes the lashes grow longer and thickens the existing lashes. Ultracil contains conditioners that will make the lashes shinier.


ActivLash is a serum that is applied on the eyelids to stimulate the growth of eyelashes. The product also lengthens and thickens the existing eyelashes. The product is like a liquid eyeliner and it should be applied in the evening.

The results will be visible in 2 to 5 weeks. The formula presents fewer side effects and possible complications when compared to LATISSE. The ActivLash conditioner contains a gentle formula that will not irritate the eyes. The formula was scientifically tested and has passed several studies (i.e. skin sensitization patch study, skin irritation study, eye irritation study).

Natural Eyelash Growing Techniques

If you would like to have thicker or longer eyelashes and stimulate the growth of new lashes, you can apply some natural techniques.

The diet is important in the quality of skin, nails, hair and eyelashes. Fish oil stimulates the hair growth. Multivitamins can be taken in addition to your regular diet.

You may also use some natural lubricants that will strengthen the eyelashes. Olive oil and Vaseline are 2 natural lubricants that may be effective. Vitamin E oil may also improve the appearance of the eyelashes.

Fake Eyelashes and Mascara

As a quick fix, you may opt for false eyelashes to give you longer and more beautiful eyelashes. Mascara is also an option.

The main disadvantage of these is that you need to apply and remove these on a daily basis.

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