Vitalize Peel Recovery and Results

One of the primary benefits of the Vitalize Peel is that men and women are able to achieve significant improvements in the appearance and texture of their skin without experiencing any recovery time.

Following the procedure, which usually does not exceed 30 minutes, most patients find they are able to resume their normal routines. Immediately after the Vitalize Peel procedure, there may be some residual redness, as well as a warm or tingling sensation, all of which usually resolve within a few hours of the treatment. Any redness that occurs after treatment may be safely covered with makeup.

About two days after treatment, most patients experience mild flaking. This is the normal exfoliation process associated with the Vitalize Peel, revealing smoother, softer, younger looking skin as drab and damaged skin sloughs away. Flaking can be controlled with a lightweight moisturizer, which your specialist may recommend.

Once the flaking stops, you will be able to clearly see the results of your Vitalize Peel, and should notice a softening or elimination of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as some acne damage. In addition, skin tone will be more even and refreshed, and age or sun spots will appear lighter or may disappear altogether.

Although many patients see significant results after only one treatment with the Vitalize Peel solution, most individuals find a series of treatments offers them the best results. Your specialist will be able to determine a treatment regime that will help you achieve the results you are hoping for.

Like any peel, you must protect your newly revealed skin with sunscreen anytime the treatment area is exposed to the sun. Continuing to wear sunscreen during the weeks and months following your procedure will help maintain the results for a much longer period of time.

Generally, you can expect the results of your Vitalize Peel to last for years. However, hormonal changes, sun damage, acne, and aging may result in the need for touchup treatments over time.

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