What to Expect During a Vitalize Peel

Anyone interested in refreshing their skin's appearance should consider having a Vitalize Peel. It requires virtually no preparation, other than avoiding laser hair removal, hair removal creams, electrolysis and waxing for about one week prior to the appointment. Patients will not have to change their routine to have a Vitalize Peel, as they can resume their normal daily activities immediately afterwards.


A Vitalize Peel contains retinoic acid and works by exfoliating just the top layers of the skin. It is especially useful in reducing pore size and improving skin texture. The procedure takes only 20 minutes, and it results in a smoother complexion. Patients having a Vitalize Peel should expect to feel a warm tingling sensation during the application. This sensation may last for up to three days.

Possible side effects include redness, dryness and flaking of the skin, possible itching and swelling. Any other post procedure symptoms including burning and crusting should be reported to the doctor or esthetician.

After the Procedure

Initially, skin will have a windburned appearance and will start to flake after two to three days. The flaking can be controlled by applying a mild moisturizer. Foundation should not be worn during the time the skin is peeling. Though it can be tempting, patients should not pull at the areas of dry skin, but rather be patient and let the areas flake on their own. After one week, the skin should be back to normal and will look clearer and younger. Healing skin will be sun sensitive, and it is recommended to wait at least one week before sun exposure. Patients having the Vitalize Peel should always use a sunscreen of at least SPF 30.

Skin Maintenance

Patients will be able to see positive results after just one Vitalize Peel treatment, but to achieve the best results, additional peels will be needed. On average, patients can expect to have 3 to 6 treatments generally spaced about four weeks apart. To keep the skin looking younger and healthier, patients can continue to have Vitalize Peel treatments once or twice a year.

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