Candidacy for Captique

Those seeking a safe alternative to facial surgeries and skin renewal techniques often choose Captique. This injectable dermal filler helps achieve fullness in areas around the face in most all individuals requesting the treatment.

Captique Candidacy

Most people who choose Captique seek a quick and cost effective method for reducing facial contours and aging effects. The injections treat patients who seek facial wrinkling or skin folding in areas surrounding the eyes, the nose, surrounding the mouth, the cheeks and jaw line, and the forehead.

Viable candidates also include those willing to visit medical offices frequently to receive the Captique treatment. Multiple treatments cause the most desirable and long lasting results. The cost effectiveness of the injectable procedure provides patients with a cost friendly option, opening the door for more candidates with limited financial ability.

Immediate Results

Patients looking for a combination treatment choose Captique mostly because the natural additives found within the injections blend and work well with multiple other skin renewal treatments. Most individuals choose Captique because they seek immediate results. This injectable dermal filler helps people maintain fullness while minimizing the risk that other chemical based shots induce.


Captique works well in patients ranging from the ages of 25 to 50 years, however both younger and older age groups have also sought the use of the beneficial treatment in urgent cases.

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