Candidacy for Juvederm

JUVEDERM ® may be the right dermal filler for you if you are seeking minor to moderate facial enhancement. Your candidacy for JUVEDERM ® is fairly simple to determine, since it primarily depends on your own objectives in getting a dermal filler.


If you are seeking to plump up facial wrinkles or creases, or you would like to increase the fullness of your lips, one of the JUVEDERM ® formulas will give you the results you want. Consider how often you are willing to undergo the injection procedure, as this is another way to determine if JUVEDERM ® is right for you. If you want the longest lasting dermal filler and would prefer to do touch-ups only on a yearly basis, rather than every 3-6 months, you are a good candidate for JUVEDERM ® .

Good Candidates

You will typically be a JUVEDERM ® candidate unless you are pregnant or nursing. If you have any allergy concerns or have experienced a reaction to collagen based fillers in the past, you will find JUVEDERM ® 's non-allergenic and non-animal based hyaluronic acid formula to be a good fit in your search for a dermal filler. JUVEDERM ® is well suited for you if you would like to plump up your lips or restore lost volume in any area of the face.

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