Elevess - Dermal Filler

What is Elevess?

Elevess is a cosmetic filler which is used to treat wrinkles and other lines and depressions in the skin. The Elevess product is based on hyaluronic acid, a material that occurs naturally in skin. Hyaluronic acid helps skin retain water and other nutrients, resulting in a firmer, plumper, more youthful overall appearance and texture. Unlike other dermal fillers on the market today, Elevess is the first FDA-approved dermal filler to contain Lidocaine, an anesthetic agent that helps reduce pain both during and after the injection procedure.

Who is a candidate for Elevess?

Elevess is ideal for both men and women who:

· Have fine to deep facial lines, folds, or wrinkles, including stubborn naso-labial folds
· Do not have any immunosuppressive disorders
· Are in general good health
· Are seeking immediate results with no downtime

What are the advantages of Elevess over other dermal fillers?

Elevess offers several advantages over other fillers, including:

· Less pain during the procedure
· Less bleeding during the procedure
· Less swelling and bruising after the procedure
· Less pain after the procedure
· Better tolerance than many non-hyaluroinic acid-based fillers
· Longer-lasting results than many other fillers

Are the results from Elevess permanent?

No, usually Elevess results last for three to six months in most patients. Repeat treatments can help maintain initial results.

How does Elevess work to treat wrinkles?

Hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in skin tissue, trapping moisture and nutrients and making skin appear naturally fuller and more elastic. When injected into lines and depressions in skin, Elevess acts to fill those lines, and then helps tissues remain fuller and more natural looking by helping to retain plumping moisture.

What type of results and recovery can I expect from Elevess?

Like other dermal fillers, Elevess may cause some slight redness, swelling, bruising, pain, or itching after treatment, all of which resolve within a day to a week in most patients. And, as with other fillers, you should wear sunscreen to protect the treated area during recovery.

The results of Elevess are evident soon after treatment, and optimal results usually persist for three to six months in most patients, with some individuals maintaining results for more than a year. Because Elevess uses a special “cross-linked” formulation of hyaluronic acid, many men and women report the results appear more natural than some other fillers. Elevess also uses the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid of any filler currently on the market, enhancing and prolonging results.

How much does Elevess cost? Are multiple treatments needed?

Elevess costs range based on the size of the area being treated, generally ranging from $500 to $700 per area. Only one initial treatment is required but you will need touchup treatments at three to six months to maintain the results in most cases.

Disclaimer: This information is intended only as an introduction to this procedure. This information should not be used to determine whether you will have the procedure performed nor does it guarantee results of your elective surgery. Further details regarding surgical standards and procedures should be discussed with your physician.

By Dermanetwork.org Staff
Updated: June 30, 2009

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