How ArteFill is Performed

ArteFill is made up of enhanced microspheres, including purified bovine collagen and Methyl Methacrylate, which is a safe surgical plastic. The treatment can be done easily in the office in an outpatient setting. Changes show almost immediately and stay longer than temporary fillers (considered more of a permanent wrinkle removal).

ArteFill treatment can be done in one or two sessions, but it is best if the process is done on a gradual basis over a period of 3 months. If a repeat treatment is necessary or desired, it is usually not repeated until after approximately 6 weeks. On average, the process takes about 15 to 30 minutes.

The Epidermis and Dermis

Skin has two layers consisting of the epidermis and the dermis. The epidermis is the outer layer of the skin and is the primary protection against the environment. The dermis is made up of connective tissue and is the support area for the skin. The dermis is where most of the wrinkles and folds occur.

Collagen and elastin, along with fat cells and other molecules, are found in the dermis. As time and years pass, the collagen and fat cells begin to break down and lessen, and volume begins to decrease. This breakdown process and loss of fat and collagen causes lines and wrinkles.

Derma fillers can replace this lost volume, as collagen is the primary substance in the dermis. 

Allergy Testing

A small needle injection is done on the forearm to test for allergies before the ArteFill treatment can be performed. This test is administered 28 days before the desired treatment.  If the test indicates an allergic reaction to the test, the treatment then should not be performed.

Before the Procedure

The treatment area and surrounding skin is usually first cleansed with an alcohol-based substance.

Usually, anaesthetics are not utilized as the injections usually already contain lidocaine, unless there is an extreme sensitivity to pain.  In this case, than a topical anaesthetic cream would be the choice method needed to proceed. Sometimes, numbing sprays are used on the specific area of treatment.

The Procedure

An ultra-fine needle is used to inject the collagen into the deep dermal subcutaneous area of the skin.  These injections are done at many different points, all along the edge of where the wrinkle or fold is, and the area that is being treated. 

Usually after a few injections, the physician will massage the area and then will continue with the injections along the wrinkle lines. 

After the Procedure

After the injections, some redness, swelling and stinging may occur for a few days. At times although unlikely, bruising may occur from the injections. Icepacks are often recommended for after the injection treatments.

Only minimal amount of smiling and talking is suggested for the day of treatment. Artefill results improve over time after generally a few months.  Because ArteFill is not absorbed by the body unlike other temporary fillers, it is a more permanent type of wrinkle correction. So far, it is the longest lasting derma filler and wrinkle correction treatment without the need of plastic surgery.

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