How to Prepare for Dysport

Patients who are preparing to have treatment with Dysport can expect a simple procedure that is non-invasive. As with any cosmetic procedure, there are some steps patients can take to prepare themselves for the easiest and most pain free procedure. The following guidelines will help patients in their preparation for Dysport treatment.

Select a Reputable Dysport Provider

When selecting a Dysport provider, patients should be sure to ask about the experience level of the person who will be performing the injections. If possible, they should select a provider who has experience specifically with Dysport, rather than with Botox only. While the two products are very similar, there are some subtle differences in terms of how much product is needed. Generally, it takes more Dysport to achieve the same effect, but the overall price of Dysport is usually cheaper. It is best if the practitioner is accustomed to measuring the proper amount of Dysport for their patients.

Discuss Side Effects

Side effects are rarely observed in Dysport patients, but patients should discuss potential side effects and reactions with their practitioner before treatment. Side effects can include drooping eyelids, headaches and minor nausea, but such effects are rare and normally resolve within a few days following treatment.

Ask About Pain Management

Dysport injections are typically not painful, and patients will usually feel nothing more than a mild discomfort since the needle used for treatment is very fine. Before the treatment, patients should ask their Dysport practitioner if they may take a mild pain reliever such as Ibuprofen in case the discomfort becomes pain.

Aftercare for Dysport

Patients should discuss Dysport aftercare following their procedure. The usual recommendations for Dysport aftercare include avoiding laying flat on the back, staying out of the sun, and avoiding exercise on the day of treatment.

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