Initial and Long Term Results of Evolence

Until recently, the only effective options to reduce signs of aging involved surgical face lifts, with all the pain, expense and inconvenience that comes with them. Now, dermal fillers such as Evolence can help smooth out facial lines and wrinkles, as well as certain kinds of scarring.

Initial Results of Evolence

The procedure for injecting Evolence is quick, simple and relatively painless. There is no necessary recovery time, and the procedure is generally performed in the doctor's office.

Initially, there may be some redness at the injection sites, and some bruising is also possible, since the doctor may need to move the gel beneath the skin to be sure it settles in the right place. Improvements in the look of lines and wrinkles on the face will be immediately apparent, but these will become even more marked over the next few days.

Long Term Results of Evolence

After a few days, the effects of the Evolence treatment will become even more obvious as lines and wrinkles diminish and the face takes on a younger, smoother look. These improvements will last as long as twelve months, diminishing gradually as the gel is reabsorbed into the body. As the effects decrease, the patient may choose to have maintenance injections to preserve the more youthful look.

While the effects of Evolence are not permanent, it is the longest lasting injectable filler on the market. The FDA even approved Evolence to state that treatments can last as long as a year. For a longer-lasting, non-surgical solution to facial lines and wrinkles, Evolence provides excellent results.

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