Initial and Long Term Results of Prevelle Silk

Prevelle Silk is an injectible filler that is used to restore volume and reduce the signs of aged, wrinkled skin. The duration of the Prevelle Silk effects are between 6 to 9 months, but may last for over 1 year in some patients. Find out about the initial and long term results of this procedure to determine if it coincides with your requirements.

Initial Results of Prevelle Silk

The initial results of Prevelle Silk will be recognizable, as the injections will not cause major swelling. In the areas injected with the hyaluronic acid, the volume will be improved. However, remember that some of the volume is due to the swelling, so the actual results will be visible only after the swelling is gone.

The wrinkled areas will be filled and the wrinkles will be diminished. Redness may also be present, but should subside within a few days after the injection administration.

Long Term Results of Prevelle Silk

Prevelle Silk will have long lasting results. You may expect the results to last between 6 and 12 months. This may depend on the amounts of hyaluronic acid injected and the way your body reacts to the dermal filler. During the 6 to 12 months, the hyaluronic acid will gradually dissipate. Some plastic surgeons recommend reapplying a new Prevelle Silk treatment at 6 months after the initial procedure to prevent the face from losing volume and having a wrinkled appearance.

In patients that get regular Prevelle Silk touchups, the results may be more durable.

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