Medical Conditions and Purtox

Purtox is a new facial tightening treatment on deck to begin competing with its well-known predecessor, Botox. Both substances are derived from botulinum toxin, but Purtox (pronounced "pure-tox" and sometimes written PurTox) is a purer form of the toxin. The toxin is a nerve-blocker, so when it is injected into the face, it prevents facial muscles from moving as much as they normally can. Inhibiting the movement of these muscles keeps you from smiling, frowning or making other motions that contribute to wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, allowing these wrinkles to fade.

Medical Concerns Associated with Purtox

Mentor Inc. of California has begun conducting the necessary clinical trials for Purtox to apply for FDA approval. While specific results of these studies aren't available, it has been noted by industry followers that a large percentage of the study participants were happy with their Purtox treatment. Purtox has not been approved by the FDA as of early 2010.

Further study is needed to determine if Purtox conflicts with existing medical conditions. The long-term effects of Purtox are also not yet known. If you are considering trying this treatment, note that the studies conducted by Mentor excluded candidates with certain preexisting conditions. Purtox has not been tested on people with eyelid stosis (drooping eyelid), autoimmune disorders such as dermatomyocytis, diseases affecting neurotransmission such as Myasthenia gravis, neuromuscular disorders and current facial nerve paralysis, including paralysis as a result of a stroke. Your doctor should be able to advise you about the safety of using Purtox and suggest alternatives if you are not a good candidate.

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