Potential Risks and Complications of Purtox

Purtox is a botulinum toxin which is a cosmetic injectable used for reducing facial wrinkles or creases. There are some potential risks and complications involved with this technique.

Purtox is a cosmetic product capable of resulting in a natural, youthful and wrinkle free skin. It is among the many injection based techniques used to rejuvenate facial skin. It is also considered as the purer form of Botox, offering better results. Its treatment usually lasts from 3 to 5 months, which may depend upon the extent of your problem. The recovery time associated is lower as compared to other invasive treatments, but there are some potential risks and complications involved which cannot be ignored.

Facial Paralysis

Paralysis depends upon the site where the toxin is injected. This Purtox may possibly result in complete paralysis of the muscle which is beneath the area of the skin treated. This side effect is one of the most severe complications associated with this procedure. It may also occasionally result in eyelid drooping, which gives an overall adverse look to the patient's face. Up to 3% of patients report droopy eyelids after the treatment. Make sure you discuss the probability of this risk with your physician, so that you can proceed with the operation with confidence.

Reduced Immunity

Many patients have reported loss in immunity as a potential complication after the treatment. This can result in the attraction of other common facial problems. Make sure you take adequate measures and precautions to avoid any such complication after the treatment. If you contract any kind of infection or sickness, you may not have the adequate immunity to fight the infection. More than 2% of patients report weakened muscles and reduced immunity after the procedure.


Numbness is a common side effect of dermal fillers, which usually goes away in a few days. The sites that are injected usually become numb and insensitive to any outside reaction. You might not have much feeling in your face for a few days. This effect will soon wear off as the toxin spreads evenly under the skin. Numbness is quite common and occurs in a large percentage of treated patients.

Bruising and Bleeding on Site

An incorrectly applied injection may result in bleeding at the treated site. Sometimes bruising is also visible in the first few days of the treatment. However, these side effects are generally a normal reaction of the skin to a foreign material and will quickly subside.

Nausea and Dizziness

Due to the strong effect of the toxin, you may feel temporary dizziness or nausea. Patients report lack of focus at work immediately after the treatment. You are advised not to drive and preferably get a good amount of rest before going back to work and joining your normal routine.

Other than the above listed potential risks and complications, soreness, cough, flu, runny nose, infection and neck pain are also possible. Keep in mind all the pros and cons before opting for this procedure.

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