Potential Side Effects of Evolence

Evolence is a dermal filler that will help minimize the appearance of those fine lines and wrinkles that develop around the nose and mouth. These deep folds are often called nasolabial folds, though they are more commonly known as laugh lines. Evolence is different from other dermal fillers in that it is derived from pig collagen. This unique formula allows for the filler to mimic the collagen that naturally occurs in the patients skin. Collagen will naturally break down in a person's skin as they age, allowing for deep wrinkles to form. Evolence will introduce collagen back into the skin, filling those folds and wrinkles, leaving the skin looking re-hydrated and refreshed.

Allergic Reactions to Evolence

Allergic reactions to Evolence are a rare event. Evolence is produced form pig collagen so if the patient has any level of sensitivity to pork or pork derived products, the patient should discuss this with their doctor.

If a patient has ever experienced anaphylactic shock, they may be at an increased risk of having the same reaction to this dermal filler. This could be a serious life threatening event; a patient must inform their doctor of any instance of anaphylactic shock that they have experienced or any other severe allergic reactions that they have had.


If a patient has any type of bleeding disorder, this dermal filler should not be injected into the patients skin as a severe reaction may occur. There is also an increased risk of bleeding and swelling if the patient is on any kind of aspirin therapy or anti-inflammatory drugs.

Reactions at the Injection Site

There are several common reactions that can occur at the site of the injection of the Evolence dermal filler. Swelling, itching and redness are common potential side effects to Evolence. The majority of these reactions are considered minor and will resolve on their own without doctor intervention within 24 to 48 hours. Some of these reactions may be avoided if the patient does not participate in activities that expose them to extreme heat or cold. Excessive exercise and alcohol should also be avoided. A patient will also want to avoid applying makeup for a few days and keep the injection site clean.

Inflammatory Papules

Inflammatory papules are solid, raised skin lesions that occur rarely after an injection of Evolence. This side effect should not be ignored and must be treated under the care of a doctor. They can usually be treated simply as any other skin infection.

Firmness under the Skin

One of the few rare side effects of Evolence is the occurrence of small areas around the treatment site that have a firm feeling to them. The skin may not have a different appearance, but when the area is touched, a patient will be able to feel lumps and bumps just under the skin.

Local Necrosis

Local necrosis is a potential side effect that has been noted with several collagen based dermal fillers. Necrosis associated with the injection of a dermal filler results in the death of the skin cells around the injection site. This is thought to only occur when there has been injury or problems with the blood vessels surrounding the treatment site.

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