Prevelle Silk Myths and Facts

Prevelle Silk is a hyaluronic acid gel-like filler used to smooth wrinkles and folds to achieve a more youthful appearance. What makes it different than most other fillers is that it contains lidocaine to block pain. This makes anti-aging treatments more comfortable and a faster experience.

Myth: Prevelle Silk Requires Testing before Use

Fact: Prevelle Silk does not require any testing before use as it is made of hyaluronic acid (gel-like substance found in connective tissues that lubricates and maintains moisture), which is found naturally in the body. It does not contain any animal products, so it is unlikely that an allergic reaction will occur.

Myth: A Local Anesthetic Is Required before a Prevelle Silk Treatment

Fact: A local anesthetic is not required before a Prevelle Silk treatment, as this type of filler contains lidocaine, which is already a pain blocker. This is why this type of treatment may be less painful than most other cosmetic fillers.

Myth: Lumping Is Likely to Occur

Fact: Because Prevelle Silk has the consistency of a soft gel, it is less likely that lumping will occur.

Myth: Downtime Is Usually 24 Hours

Fact: There is normally no downtime for this type of treatment, because the treatment usually does not create any swelling or bruising with minimal irritation. Other cosmetic fillers often produce more visual side effects, and downtime with these other products can often be as long as one week.

Myth: Prevelle Silk Is Approved for Any Area of the Body

Fact: This product has been approved for use for the face in the mid to deeper dermis of the skin. It is also used on the nasolabial folds, which are the wrinkles on the side of the nose to the corner of the lips, often referred to as the “smile lines”. As well, frown lines, forehead lines and periorbital lines, which are the lines that stretch outward from the corner of the eyes, may all also be treated.

Myth: Only One Syringe Is Necessary for Treatment

Fact: In certain cases, more than one syringe may be necessary for treatment depending on the amount of area and the deepness of the folds. Normally, repeat treatments may be necessary to achieve a desired younger appearance for a longer duration.

Myth: Prevelle Silk Is Covered by Insurance

Fact: Most insurance plans do not cover cosmetic procedures, so patients will usually need to pay for the treatments. The cost for Prevelle Silk is usually about $400 per syringe.

Myth: Treatment Usually Takes 1 Hour

Fact: A procedure with Prevelle Silk usually takes approximately 30 minutes. Patients often can have the cosmetic filler injected the same day on the first visit.

Myth: Delicate Skin Should Not Have a Prevelle Silk Treatment

Fact: Prevelle Silk is ideal for delicate skin, as it uses a natural soft gel-like substance as a filler that is also found in the body.

Myth: Prevelle Silk Treatment Is a Permanent Solution

Fact: Prevelle Silk treatment lasts usually for about 3 to 4 months. Repeat treatments are normally necessary to continue to have smoother appearing facial skin.

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