Recovery after Elevess

Elevess is an FDA approved dermal filler that can reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The procedure employs hyaluronic acid, which will rejuvenate and make the skin firmer. Typically, the recovery time is minimal, but you should find out what to expect after the procedure.

Recovery after Elevess

The recovery after Elevess will be very easy. You may experience minor redness and swelling. The bleeding during the procedure is minimal, so swelling may not even occur. The redness and the swelling may be present for up to 2 days after the procedure, but the recovery time may vary.

You don't need to take time off work after the procedure. Elevess is an outpatient treatment and you can perform any type of activities after the completion of the procedure.

In very rare cases, allergies to hyaluronic acid may occur. If you see that the swelling is severe and you also notice rashes and itchiness, consult your plastic surgeon. Typically, plastic surgeons test the hyaluronic acid on the skin before applying the Elevess treatment, to make sure that there will be no allergic reaction.

Reduce the Recovery Time

The recovery time can be reduced if you apply ice packs or cool compresses on the treated areas.

After the redness and the swelling are gone, you will notice the improvement of the treated areas; the skin will look younger and firmer. The results may last for as much as 1 year after the treatment. After this period, you may opt for touch up procedures or a new Elevess treatment.

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