Treatments that Can be Combined with Elevess

Elevess is an injectable facial filler that smooths skin and diminishes the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Comprised of hyaluronic acid, the filler is biocompatible and one of the safer derma filler options on the market. However, this facial filler alone may not be enough to help you accomplish your aesthetic goals. The treatments that can be combined with Elevess include:


ArteFill is the most commonly paired treatment with Elevess, and the two companies behind each treatment have paired up to make their products available together as part of a long-term cosmetic treatment. ArteFill, unlike most facial fillers, is a permanent derma filler, and so it makes the most sense to use it only after you've come to like the look you can get with a temporary facial filler. If you're happy with the results you get from your temporary facial filler, you can have ArteFill paired with it in order to lock in the smooth skin with diminished lines and wrinkles before it starts to fade about six to twelves months later.


Another biocompatible facial filler--this one made from Poly-l-lactic acid--Sculptra may be used in conjunction with Elevess if your cosmetic specialist recommends the multiple treatments. Although both fillers can treat lines and wrinkles, Sculptra may work better on the areas of fine lines, such as around the eyes, than the hyaluronic acid filler, which is best when targeting deep lines and severe creases.

Sculptra can also add facial volume to recessed areas, such as sunken cheeks and hollows under the eyes, whereas the hyaluronic acid filler is not primarily used to add volume. Sculptra can also tackle minor sagging skin problems, particularly around the jawline. Both fillers last a fairly long time; you may only need Sculptra maintenance sessions (after a series of initial treatment sessions) every one to two years.


BOTOX® is a different kind of facial filler than Elevess and Sculptra because it's made out of botulinum toxin. BOTOX® is much faster-acting than other facial fillers, as it causes muscles to freeze up. This constricts movement and smooths out wrinkles that form after facial muscle movement, such as around the eyes and mouth. While BOTOX® lasts only about three to four months, it can add more volume to hollow and sunken areas of your face and it can also plump up your lips, which is not an option with hyaluronic acid filler. BOTOX® may also be an option if you're looking for the equivalent of a brow lift, lifting your brows higher in order to give your face a more youthful, friendlier appearance. Along with the lifted brows, BOTOX® can also smooth out your forehead wrinkles and the "frown lines" that appear between your brows.

Because Elevess is not a permanent solution, it's also possible for you to consider another treatment in the future, such as cosmetic surgery. Just make sure that you either go to the same cosmetic specialist or you disclose all treatments you're currently receiving before you elect to undergo anything new.

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