Treatments that Can be Combined with Evolence

Evolence is the medical procedure in which a dermal filler, constructed out of porcine-based collagen and sugar, is used to smooth out wrinkles and creases on the face. The substance is injected subcutaneously and is absorbed by the muscles underneath the skin, which respond by tightening, effectively reducing the wrinkling and making the facial features more taut. Evolence is a common alternative to many standard cosmetic treatments that fall under the term "facelift." However, there are a number of other treatments that can be combined with Evolence in order to further enhance the treatment procedure.


The single most common method of tightening the muscles of the face is Botox. This neurotoxin is injected in dilute concentrations and in vary specific quantities underneath the skin and into muscles in the face directly. The toxin causes the muscles to become paralyzed, which forces them into a taut and "lifted" position. One benefit of a Botox treatment is that it is permanent and requires little to no further upkeep.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is another alternative to Evolence treatment that can also be combined with this method of lifting the facial features. This treatment procedure is convenient for many because it can be completed quickly and in the comfort of the doctor's office (without surgery). Most hyaluronic acid recipients resume their normal activities on the same day as their treatment. This dermal filler is used to smooth out lines around the jaw, nose, eyes lips and other parts of the face. One downside is that the treatment is only semi-permanent and must be re-instituted regularly.


Artefill is commonly used in limited places around the face as an additional treatment to be combined with Evolence. Artefill makes use of a bovine collagen substance that, when injected under the skin, causes your own human collagen to break down and subsequently reform. This permanent filler is used one time only and will result in permanent lifting of the facial features. However, it cannot be used throughout the entire face.


Radiesse is a relatively new injection and treatment that is used to tighten up connective tissue and ligaments around certain parts of the face, primarily the eyes. This procedure is easy to complete and lasts for approximately 2 years, making it a semi-permanent filler. There are few negative reactions to Radiesse treatments, and those people who do suffer from adverse reactions typically experience only mild discomfort and swelling. However, there are certain risks associated with allergies that may be triggered by a Radiesse injection, so it's crucial that you divulge any pertinent allergy information to your surgeon or doctor before beginning treatment.

New treatment methods are constantly in production to be used to help tighten and lift the various features on your face. Find a good cosmetic surgeon who can help you to identify which of these treatments will yield the best results with the least discomfort for you.

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