What to Expect During an Elevess Procedure

The Elevess procedure lasts only minutes and provides equally fast results. Patients choose the injectable wrinkle removal solution due to its non invasive nature and because of the lack of discomfort that the small shots cause.

The Elevess Procedure

Prior to receiving an Elevess injection, patients have absolutely no major requirements to fulfill; many procedures require skin allergen tests and even dietary supplementation before receiving treatment. Each Elevess treatment works to provide patients with instant results and no down time. The actual injection causes little to no pain, both because of the tiny needle size and the anesthetic lidocaine found within the Elevess mixture.

The injection targets direct areas of the facial region, including cheeks and around the lips. The needle breaks through the top layers of skin and then injects a natural plant byproduct called hyaluronic acid. Patients do not feel any sort of odd sensation once the gel like substance enters the skin.

Procedure Conclusion

Patients have the option of immediate release prior to the injection process. Only in some cases will doctors and medical administrators suggest that patients wait after in order to let the possible swelling and discoloration calm. Each patient reacts differently to the injection process, but a majority of the people who have already received Elevess did not endure any adverse side effects during or after the treatment.

The combination of natural additives, along with the mild anesthetic included in each Elevess treatment, makes the brand one of the more popular choices amongst patients seeking wrinkle and skin fold reduction.

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