What to Expect During Radiesse

As skin ages, it loses collagen, a naturally occurring protein responsible for making skin firm and elastic, and wrinkles can be a result of aging skin. Radiesse is a dermal filler used to treat wrinkles. It promotes the formation of new collagen, which can diminish wrinkles. It can also help an individual retain firmer and more youthful looking skin. This wrinkle filler is FDA approved and can provide a rejuvenated look that may last for years.

During the Radiesse Procedure

Radiesse is typically given in a doctor's office. Some type of local anesthesia may be given prior to receiving Radiessse. This can be done to make the patient as comfortable as possible. Some areas, such as the lips, are really sensitive and benefit more from a local anesthetic. A small needle will be used to inject Radiesse under the skin. After the injection, the area will typically be massaged to ensure proper distribution.

After the Procedure

Typically, an individual can continue with normal activities after receiving Radiesse. Most will leave the doctor's office within a matter of minutes after receiving the injection.

Possible Side Effects

There are some possible side effects of Radiesse. One side effect can be pain in the area of the injection site. Other side effects may include tenderness and swelling. There may also be some irritation to the area after receiving the injection. Typically, most side effects subside shortly after receiving the injection.

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