Conditions that Laser 360 Treats

Laser 360 is a resurfacing technique that uses three different technologies to rejuvenate skin in just 60 days. It is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that can effectively treat all major skin conditions in just a few sessions. Here are some of the ways that the treatment can help you improve the look of your skin.

Pigmentation Issues

The Laser 360 is a combo treatment comprised of three different laser systems that deal with three different skin conditions. The first system employs Advanced Pulse Light Therapy to correct pigmentation issues and deal with color irregularities. This phase of the treatment helps to eliminate age spots and red patches and even the skin's tone. The AFT laser can also treat rosacea and blood vessels.

Wrinkles and Fine Lines

The next system uses an Accent XL radio frequency to heat the skin and create a firmer, more contoured appearance. The skin tightening module penetrates the skin and promotes collagen production. This helps tighten up saggy skin around the jowls, neck and mouth. It can also reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.


The last phase of the treatment program uses a pixel laser to resurface the skin. Like the Accent XL, this laser helps boost collagen production. However, the pixel laser creates tiny holes in the skin and resurfaces sections of the skin at one time. The process reduces the appearance of acne and surgical scars and other artificial blemishes. The laser can be used to treat the skin on the face, neck, chest, arms and hands.

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