Cost and Financing of Blue Light Therapy

Blue Light Therapy provides patients with a safe and effective way to eliminate acne and acne causing bacteria. However, this particular method usually does not get covered by most insurance companies. This leaves individual’s with a heavy out of pocket cost that often ranges into and past the $1,000 range.

Treatment and Payment

Typically, insurance companies will ignore coverage of the Blue Light Therapy because, as of 2010, it still remains an emerging or developing technology. Even though this specific treatment did receive approval from the Food and Drug Administration, the financing usually must come solely from the patient.

In nearly every case, patients need to receive multiple Blue Light Treatment sessions in order to notice major results. This plays into the high prices; typically, one treatment costs just shy of $1,000. The normal amount of treatment sessions required and recommended remains around 6 to 8 in total, all spread throughout a one month period or longer.

Choosing Blue Light

Many patients seek this option only after trying other acne treatment options that have shown little to no positive results. Since the technology used in Blue Light treatments continues to develop and improve, a constant growth in popularity has become prevalent.

As time passes and more companies offer this laser based treatment as an acne elimination option, financial options will expand and open for customers around the world. The demand for such procedures, as of the year 2010, remain too low to convince insurance groups to add the expenses of the treatment to their coverage plans.

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