Fraxel Repair and Medium Skin Tones

Fraxel is a new kind of non-invasive laser therapy being used to treat skin problems. Of the 3 types of treatment available, Fraxel re:pair is the most intensive form. It is used as a non-invasive alternative to a facelift, and will make a dramatic improvement in your skin if you suffer from sun damage, scarring and signs of aging.

How It Works

Fraxel re:pair uses patented CO2 laser technology, which goes beneath the surface of the skin and creates tiny wounds. These tiny wounds trigger the body's natural healing response, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. This gives your skin a fresher, more youthful appearance and obliterates many dermatological problems, such as scars, wrinkles, and sun damage. Because the laser treatment is so precise, only a "fraction" of your skin requires treatment to create an impressive change in your skin's tone and texture.

Fraxel re:pair and Medium Skin Tones

Although Fraxel re:pair is the most aggressive Fraxel treatment available, it is still a gentle and non-invasive alternative to most dermatological procedures. It is ideal for people with medium skin tones, who may have moderate to severe wrinkles, uneven pigmentation and acne scarring.

If you are unsure if Fraxel re:pair is right for you, talk to your dermatologist. He will be able to make a recommendation based on your skin's needs.

What to Expect

Prior to the procedure, your skin will be cleansed and a topical numbing ointment will be applied. Your dermatologist may give you an additional medication, such as Ativan, to help you relax fully during the treatment. The treatment takes about 30-40 minutes, during which most patients only feel an increased sensation of heat.

You usually only require one treatment, and the downtime after the procedure is about a week. After that, you can return to your regular skin care regimen of cleansing, moisturizing and sun protection.

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