Fraxel Restore and Fair Skin Tones

Fraxel Restore is a cosmetic procedure, using lasers to help change the skin's appearance. By targeting the laser to the lower layers of skin, a patient will be able to reduce a number of skin concerns, including lines, wrinkles, scars and uneven skin tones. As with any cosmetic procedure, Fraxel Restore is more effective for certain patients than others.

What Fair Skin Tone Patients Can Expect

A person with a fair skin tone may have more sensitive skin. This can cause the Fraxel Restore treatment to be slightly more painful, with some additional issues during the recovery period. For example, many fair skin tone patients report redness and irritation of the skin after a Fraxel Restore treatment. While this slight discomfort goes away after a few days, it can cause a patient to want to stay home until it is healed. In addition, some fair skin tone patients might experience flaking and dryness, which can be relieved and reduced by moisturizers, as recommended by the doctor.

With Fraxel Restore, patients will see a near immediate improvement of their skin tone and texture. With repeated treatments, patients with fair skin tones can see their skin's coloring even out while noticing a smoother appearance on their face and other areas of treatment.

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