Fraxel Restore and Dark Skin Tones

Fraxel Restore helps patients improve their skin tone and appearance by targeting a laser on the lower layers of the skin. In bypassing the first layers, the patient's skin cells will be encouraged to repair themselves. Patients with dark skin tones will want to talk with their doctor first before scheduling a procedure, as there may be some unwanted effects.

What Dark Skin Tone Patients Can Expect

As with any laser procedure, Fraxel Restore does increase the risk of skin discoloration in those with dark skin tones. As the outer layers of skin can flake off, this might cause areas where the skin is lighter. This procedure is not meant to lighten skin, but those who have darker skin may want to be wary of intensive treatments. Some patients can encounter this effect, while others may see a short term discoloration while their skin is healing. Since the treatment does target only the lower layers of skin, the risk of permanent discoloration is lower.

With Fraxel Restore, patients can begin to tighten up their skin and smooth out the effects of aging. Though no cosmetic procedure can turn back the hands of time completely, Fraxel Restore can help a patient feel and look younger.

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