Fraxel Restore and Oily Skin

Fraxel Restore is a cosmetic procedure which uses a laser to help target the lower layers of the skin. In doing so, the production of collagen increases, leaving skin softer and smoother, free of lines and wrinkles. However, patients with oily skin can see even more results from this Fraxel Restore procedure.

What Oily Skin Patients Can Expect

Though most patients schedule a Fraxel Restore procedure in order to look younger, those with oily skin may find their skin is clearer as a result of the treatment. Since the Fraxel Restore lasers target the lower layers of the skin, this affects the oil producing glands, leading to less oil on the skin's surface. As a result, patients will notice their skin is less shiny and their acne breakouts are less frequent. While oily skin patients may still have trouble controlling oil, over time and through more Fraxel Restore treatments, this oil production will become ever more manageable.

A welcome side effect of Fraxel Restore is the reduction of oil on the skin, especially for those who feel they already produce too much. In addition to reducing lines, wrinkles and keloids, patients who schedule a Fraxel Restore procedure will find their face looking healthier and less shiny.

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