Fraxel Restore for Adolescents

Fraxel Restore is a laser cosmetic procedure which can help adolescents begin to reduce the appearing of acne scarring. While this treatment is typically used to help with lines and wrinkles, Fraxel Restore is becoming more popular among teens with severe acne. Instead of having deep indentations in the skin, patients can see a smoother overall skin texture in just a few sessions.

Teens and Fraxel Restore

With Fraxel Restore, adolescents can begin to boost their self esteem while also improving their skin. With each laser treatment, the skin will begin to be smoother and firmer, helping the teen see only clear skin and not scars when they look in the mirror. This particular laser treatment works on the lower layers of skin, helping to boost collagen production, allowing the skin to firm up quickly and easily. Since adolescent skin is more resilient, teens may see even better results than adults who use Fraxel Restore.

Using Fraxel Restore will allow adolescents the chance to remove old acne scars from their face and upper body. Within just a few sessions, patients will see a marked improvement in their skin and will find themselves more comfortable in social situations. Though designed for wrinkles and keloids, Fraxel Restore is helping teens too.

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