How to Prepare for a Blue Light Treatment

Blue Light treatment for acne (and some early cases of skin cancer) can clear up skin over a series of four to eight treatments. This non-invasive alternative to medication requires just a little preparation beforehand:

The Week Before

You must stop using certain medications at least a week before blue light treatment, such as topical retinoids and ointments with exfoliating properties. You must also refrain from having electrolysis or depilatories performed in the week before and must not wax the hair on the area(s) of your body to be treated. Do not have facials or dye your hair in the week before treatment.

Wear sunscreen and refrain from tanning at least a week before treatment. Also, plan on protecting your skin from the sun even after treatment. Do not get any tattoos or new piercings.

The Day of Treatment

Remove all facial piercings or piercings near the area(s) to be treated with Blue Light therapy the morning of your treatment. Wash your skin with a plain, mild soap without fragrance. Wear comfortable clothing and do not wear makeup, jewelry, perfume, lotions, creams, ointments or oils. If you have a tattoo near the targeted area(s), make sure your cosmetic specialist is aware so that she can properly cover the tattoo during treatment.

Discuss all medications and vitamins you take with your cosmetic specialist before your first treatment in case she must give you specialized instructions for your Blue Light therapy preparation. Failure to properly prepare for your session can decrease your chances of having a safe, successful treatment.

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