Initial and Long Term Results of Fractional Resurfacing

Fractional Resurfacing provides optimal results in a short period of time for a broad spectrum of patient needs. Multiple skin conditions have the ability to become treated, and in some cases permanently eliminated through the use of high powered laser based technology used in Fractional Resurfacing products.

Initial Results of Fractional Resurfacing

Depending on the skin condition, patients will see a variation in initial results provided by Fractional Resurfacing. For example, slight wrinkling or folding of the skin caused by aging quickly becomes eliminated from patient's bodies within a single treatment session, though results usually take a few weeks to surface.

Initially, patients will develop redness and slight swelling depending on the size of the treated area. These mild side effects subside in a short period of time, revealing healthy new skin. Full facial treatments usually take at least one month to fully heal and in a sense, grow a new network of healthy skin.

This method works to destroy layers of skin, which allows the body to fix itself by growing new, fresher looking dermal layers. Fractional Resurfacing even works to eliminate scarring caused by acne and surgery, though treating major scarring will not show significant positive results initially after the procedure.

Longer Term Results of Fractional Resurfacing

The Fractional Resurfacing method utilizes a progressive result approach in that results become even better over time. The patient's body must develop a new network of skin in place of the previously damaged regions, and this takes extended periods of time.

Most importantly, the long term results of Fractional Resurfacing will better show if the patient follows recommended procedural guidelines, most of which require patients to avoid major sunlight exposure.

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