Initial and Long Term Results of Fraxel Restore

Like many fractional skin resurfacing options, Fraxel Restore removes damaged skin areas and replaces them with a healthy new top layer. The Restore treatment works to treat a variety of conditions, some taking longer to show results than others. Also, the initial results of this particular treatment only remain in place if the patient takes care of her skin.

Initial Results

Fraxel Restore treats irregular skin pigmentation, wrinkles and lines caused by aging, scars, melasma and other skin issues. Getting smaller areas of damaged skin treated will provide in faster results. Plus, the Restore treatment often takes multiple treatments in order to provide patients with desirable effects.

In some cases, patients who undergo this fractional resurfacing option see results within weeks of just one treatment. A strong possibility of this happening occurs when the treated area does not cover more than three to five inches of the body.

Long Term Results

Other treatable conditions fixed by Fraxel Restore show progressive results. Over weeks or months at a time, patient’s skin will naturally heal or restore itself. Sometimes, this process takes multiple months to occur, especially when the treated area covers more than 10 inches in total.

Patients must develop realistic expectations prior to receiving or requesting any sort of skin rejuvenation treatment, especially those that work to eliminate body tissue. Although the lasers and technology used in Fraxel Restore act as extremely powerful yet non invasive mechanisms, waiting extended periods of time before noticing desirable results does happen for some people.

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