Initial and Long Term Results of Laser Light Therapy

The initial and long term results of laser light therapy can differ depending upon many factors. These factors include the type of treatment that you have performed. After you have laser light therapy performed, you may experience a number of results. These results can affect both your physical and mental health.

Laser light therapy has been used to help treat different forms of depressionAlso, if you experience acute or chronic pain, you may also want to consider having laser light therapy. Laser light therapy is not only used to treat medical conditions, it is also used for cosmetic procedures as well. A cosmetic procedure that can be combined with laser light therapy is teeth whitening.

Initial Results

If you currently experience depression after you have laser light therapy performed, then you may notice an immediate release of stress. You should notice that you do not feel as depressed as you did before having the treatment performed.

If you are accustomed to taking oral medications to help relieve your depression symptoms, then you should be very pleased with the laser light therapy treatment. This treatment should provide you with virtually the same benefits as when you take traditional medications. It should also keep you from experiencing side effects that are often associated with those traditional medications.

Acute and chronic pain can be treated by using laser light therapy. You may notice an initial result from this treatment which involves immediate relief of pain. After you have your teeth whitened with laser light therapy, then you should notice that your teeth are significantly whiter and that they feel extremely clean.

Long Term Results

A long term result that you may experience after being treated for depression is that your production of serotonin in your body should be increased. Studies show that if you have low levels of serotonin, then you are more likely to suffer from depression. Laser light therapy will hopefully allow you to be able to get rid of your depression completely. As a result, you should be able to live a healthier and more active life.

The acute and chronic pain that you currently experience should be able to be relieved with the help of laser light therapy. After you have this treatment performed, then your body should be able to produce a higher level of endorphins. A higher level of endorphins should allow your body to naturally reduce the amount of pain that you experience as a result of your condition.

Your threshold for the amount of pain that you are able to endure may also be increased. This means that as a result of laser light therapy, it should take longer for pain to actually have any effect on you. Your body should also regain the ability to generate soft tissue cells, which should help to repair any injuries that you currently have due to lack of soft tissue cells.

Laser light therapy will help your teeth to remain healthy, which could reduce your chances of developing problems with your teeth such as gum disease.

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