Medical Conditions Treated with Laser Light Therapy

If you have certain medical conditions and laser light therapy is used as a form of treatment, then you could be giving yourself an opportunity to live a more satisfying life. The laser light therapy treatment has many benefits. The benefits will differ depending upon the treatment that you have performed. The laser light therapy treatment can be used to treat a variety of medical conditions. A few medical conditions that can be treated through the use of laser light therapy are depression, psoriasis and acute and chronic pain.


Laser light therapy is an excellent method to help treat depression. If you experience seasonal depression or bipolar depression, then laser light therapy may prove to be as effective as those traditional medications that are used to treat these conditions as well. When attempting to treat a seasonal depression, such as winter depression, typically, laser light therapy takes place in the morning. This treatment is performed during this time period in an effort to gain the greatest results.

Usually, traditional antidepressant treatments that are used for bipolar depression tend to make this condition much worse. However, using laser light therapy has proven to result in fewer side effects. Another benefit of using laser light therapy to treat depression is that it usually doesn’t cost as much as traditional medications. Studies also show that this method of treatment is a great deal safer than traditional treatments.


If you currently have moderate psoriasis, then you could be a candidate for laser light therapy treatments. Studies that where conducted many years ago show that if you are briefly exposed to ultraviolet light, then your chances of reducing inflammatory responses by your body increase greatly. It is for this reason that many dermatologists and psoriasis treatment centers have incorporated the use of laser light therapy into their treatment programs for psoriasis.

This treatment is performed in a non-invasive manner. It usually results in the death of activated T cells which are commonly found in psoriatic plagues. This method of treatment is also designed to slow down the production of cells that can cause your skin to become inflamed.

Acute and Chronic Pain 

The use of laser light therapy has become a widely accepted alternative treatment for a variety of medical conditions. Since this treatment has become more popular, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that many physical therapists also use this form of treatment. Many physical therapists have had excellent results when using this method to treat their patients who experience acute and chronic pain.

If you currently experience acute or chronic pain and are currently seeing a physical therapist, then it may be suggested that laser light therapy be used to help you heal in a more effective manner.

If you choose to have this type of treatment performed, then the laser light treatment will be used to repair the soft tissue in your body that is injured. This treatment should result in the regeneration of your soft tissue cells. Laser light therapy is also an excellent way to stimulate your nerve function which can greatly reduce the amount of pain that you experience.

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