What to Expect During a Fraxel Restore Laser Treatment

Fraxel Restore is a skin resurfacing procedure that will also tighten the skin, while improving its texture. The entire fraxel restore procedure requires between 3 and 5 treatment sessions. If you have a fraxel restore treatment planned, you should know what to expect.

Before the Treatment

The treatment may be uncomfortable and painful, so an anesthetic cream should be applied 1 hour prior to the surgery. The skin needs to be clean, so you will get a facial cleaning also. Your eyes will be covered, as the laser beams can damage the eyes.

During the Procedure

The treatment will be performed employing a laser device. A cooler (a Zimmer hose) will also be used; the surgeon may ask you to hold the hose or have an assistant hold it and follow the movements of the laser device.

The fraxel restore laser device will be gently moved on the areas that need to be treated. The device will make a beeping sound. You will feel no discomfort; you will only feel the cold air blown by the Zimmer. You will be conscious during the surgery, so you can talk to your cosmetic surgeon.

After the laser treatment is completed, you will go under a LED light therapy for a few minutes.

Duration of the Fraxel Restore Procedure

The duration of a fraxel restore treatment is 20 to 25 minutes for the face. If other areas are treated, the duration will be longer.

Your cosmetic surgeon will decide the number of treatment sessions required (between 3 and 5) depending on the quality of your skin and how you respond to the treatment. All sessions are identical, so when you go for the second treatment, you’ll already know what to expect.

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