What to Expect During an Active FX Treatment

Active FX is a skin resurfacing treatment that uses a high-energy laser beam to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, scars, age spots and other skin irregularities. The laser only treats a portion of the skin, leaving small sections of untreated skin to expedite the healing process. Active FX is most effective when used to treat the face, neck, chest and hands. Here are some things you can expect if you choose to pursue the treatment.


Prior to the procedure, your doctor will apply a topical anesthetic cream to numb the treatment site.

The Procedure

A typical treatment session lasts about 30 minutes. During the procedure, your doctor will administer a high-energy laser beam to the targeted areas.


Active FX requires very little down time. Immediately following the treatment, you may experience a burning sensation similar to that of sunburn. You can used aloe vera to ease any discomfort you may feel. The skin around the treatment site will appear red for a number of days following the procedure. However, within a week the skin will heal and begin to peel. It is essential that during this time period you keep the treatment area moisturized and avoid excess sun exposure.

Results and Follow-Up

Results will vary from patient to patient. You may see results immediately following the treatment. However, the results will become much more dramatic after the skin has peeled. Active FX boosts the stimulation of collagen and thus works best over a period of time. Following the treatment, you may notice a decrease in lines and wrinkles and an overall improvement in the tone and texture of your skin. The results can last for about six months if you maintain a healthy lifestyle and properly care for your skin. After that time, a follow-up procedure will be necessary to maintain results.

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