What to Expect during Laser Resurfacing

Having knowledge of what to expect during laser resurfacing can help you to properly prepare for the procedure. This is precisely the reason why highly trained surgeons review details and techniques with you prior to performing the procedure. It is important that you and the surgeon have similar expectations regarding the procedure and possible outcomes. There are many other important aspects that you must be aware of prior to having a laser resurfacing procedure performed.

Laser Resurfacing Procedure

The laser resurfacing procedure will typically be performed in either an outpatient facility or a hospital. Despite the location that you choose, you can still expect be administered a local anesthetic as well as an oral sedative. After you have been properly sedated, the surgeon will use a special laser to perform the required procedure. The two most common lasers that are used for this type of procedure are the Carbon dioxide (CO2) and erbium lasers. Your surgeon will explain to you which type should provide you with the greatest results.

Your surgeon will use a hand held device that will look similar to a wand. This device should help remove unwanted skins and wrinkles. This will allow your healthier skins cells to be revealed and should provide you with younger looking skin. The procedure will generally take approximately 30 minutes if you are treating a small area. If you need to treat a large area of skin, then you should prepare for a procedure that may last up to 2 hours.

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